Ice cream and lilac, a match made in heaven

“Fine art photography is photography created in accordance with the vision of the artist as photographer”. This is the definition of fine art photography according to Wikipedia.

Can I consider fine art photography an image where food is the main subject? Of course you can. It is all about vision, it is all about the story that you, as an artist, would like to present to the world.
Food photography is not only about presenting the food in a proper way. It is really important to turn the viewer into a hungry beast, willing to cook or order that particular dish, however it is much more than that. You can use elaborated props,  complex composition, in order to present a visual story of the dish and, more importantly, your vision.

Which are the ingredients, which are the tools used to cook it? Beautiful old silverware, plates or other accessory which can enhance the beauty of the food, transforming it into the main actor of a play with a complex plot and a lot of supporting cast.
We are trying not only to shoot food, but also to give you a step by step recipe of what it takes to cook the food. From time to time, when the creative muse is in a grace day and we have a lot of time to plan, design and cook, we will try to present you visual culinary stories, addressed more to the eye and less to the taste buds.

The today shot is an ice cream and lilac shot. You just need a box of light purple or pink ice cream ( blackcurrants, strawberries or any berries in general), few waffle cones and a lot of imagination. For a touch of extra yummy we melted some chocolate and coated the cones.
Our ice cream of choice for this shot was “Arla Øko Solbær Flødeis”