Hello and welcome on our brand new blog

Hello dear friends, this is a brand new blog that us, Carmen and Dragos, are trying to start in order to document our journey connecting food and cooking with photography. It will be an interesting experience as we are approaching this in a different way. Most people that are blogging in the cooking community are slowly learning to photograph their food while postings recipes. We are using our years of experience in different types of photography, while improving our cooking and food styling skills.

Our motivation is to kill the monotony of repeating same dishes and explore the fascinating science of mixing ingredients. But the final target is not only to have a tasty food, but also to get an appealing look of the dishes. We are not inventing recipes (yet) – who knows, maybe the inner Jamie Oliver will kick out at some point. So we are browsing the internet, selecting interesting combinations, both visually and in terms of flavor, trying to adapt them to our taste and share them with you.
We are welcoming you on this space and hopefully you will get a mouth watering experience following our new blog!